Text Structure: Description Part 1

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SWBAT recognize description order and the purpose behind its use.

Big Idea

Structure that relies on lots of good old fashion detail.

Warm Up

10 minutes

Today students will continue Tween Tribune commenting. As I have officially made us "public" (Tween Tribune term), my students will get a chance to see if anyone has replied to their comments and reply to comments from students around the country/world today for the first time. 

Several of my students will find that their comments are not approved yet.  I will discuss the need to revise their comments from Monday's class as they did not meet approval, and remind them of what makes a good or bad comment.

Lesson/Independent Practice

40 minutes

To open this lesson we will continue with the Powerpoint from yesterday's lesson.  The section to cover today is found from slides 62-65.  We will follow and discuss the slides to slide 65 -the "Practice Slide". Since I have laptops in the classroom and utilize blended learning, I link any resource electronically to my students' Edmodo classroom.  If you do not have this capability, I suggest printing "handout" copies of the powerpoint with 6 slides per page so students can have a copy to refer to when needed. 

At this point, we will review the information on the text structure chart about description order and discuss the graphic organizers on the handout.  Then, we will review , we will review the instructions for practice and students will take what is needed from their caddy in the center of the table.  As with Chronological Order students will begin the practice task in class, but will complete it at home. 

The piece referenced in the practice slide is "Freedom's Trail" found in Scholastic's Non Fiction Passages with Graphic Organizers for Independent Practice.  However, if you follow me you know I've mentioned before if you do not have access to the pieces I use there are countless resources for locating great material.  

*Note - If you follow me you know I am all about being relevant and current to keep my students into what we are doing.  So, this year this lesson happened to land on the day before Halloween, so I substituted a more appropriate article.  In place of "Freedom's Trail" my students read "Whisper's From the Grave" and viewed a video on youtube allowing them to see the infamous Winchester House (pictured at the top of my lesson).  Trust me, it was just the right amount of "creepy" to get to my too cool for Halloween middle school students. 

"Whispers From the Grave" is a Scholastic Scope article from few years ago.  You can find out more by googling it and request it from Scholastic.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up class today, I will ask students to (based on their study of the article so far) consider how "Freedom's Trail" might connect to our unit idea of perseverance.  I will ask students to discuss this as a table and share their response aloud or through Today's Meet (depending on time and class ability/speed with technology) for each table. (See an earlier lesson with Today's Meet) The response must begin - "According to the article," and must include evidence from the article.

We will discuss these before students leave.