Mid Module Assessment

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Students take an assessment on the first two weeks of lessons.

Big Idea

Students take an assessment on proportional relationships of whole number rates

The Assessment

30 minutes

At my school we are using the EngageNY assessments for the proportional relationships units.  The mid module assessment can be found on PDF pages 96-98 (pages 93-95 on the actual document).  

If there is a staff member available, I will send a group of students who receive the "read aloud" accommodation out of the room.  If no one is available, I will do one of three things: 1) Read the entire assessment with the class before beginning; 2) Offer to read any question to any student who asks - with no paraphrasing; 3) Read the entire test aloud during the test.

My preference is #2, but sometimes students are too timid to actually ask for help.  Choice #3 can be disruptive for students who do not need the read-aloud.  Choice #1 is helpful for all students but sometimes it takes too much time.  Since #2 is my preference, I will encourage all students to ask me for a read aloud when necessary.  Of course, I will not be allowed to do this on unit assessments or state assessments.

Problems 1 and 2 assess 7.RP.2.a.  As students are working, I will make sure they do not overlook using a table in problem 1 and a graph on problem 2.  Students often miss little details like these but I do not remind them.

Problem #3a assesses 7.RP.2.b.

Problem #3b assesses 7.RP.2.c. 

Problems #3c-d assess 7.RP.2.d.

The assessment is a nice summary of the work we have done so far this unit.

The Rubric

A rubric for the assessment is provided on PDF pages 99-100 (96-97 on the actual document).  Each problem is worth 4 levels of success.

Problem 1

For a student to receive 4 points, they should include at least two entries on the table.  I think the assessment itself should say this so I may tell my students to show at least 3 values before taking the test.

Problem 2

For a student to recieve 4 points, they must have a graph that is correctly labeled and plotted.  Students must also answer with 2 pieces of evidence as to why the graph shows a proportional relationship: 1) straight line; 2) through the origin.

Problem 3a

The rubric says a student should have k = 1/5 with error free work to earn 4 points.  I will accept 1/5 on its own or its equivalent value of 0.2; "k =" is not necessary.


Problem 3b

I'm not sure if I agree with the rubric here.  They only offer 3 points for an equation in the form of x = 5y which is equivalent to the correct answer of y = x/5 or y = 1/5x.   I think the question itself would need to be re-written if it is necessary to eliminate x = 5y as a possible answer choice.

Problem 3c-3e are problem free to me.  They are self-explanatory with no revision, though (1, 02) should also be an acceptable answer on part e.  I assume this is their intention.