Critiquing and Revising Arguments (Day 2 of 2)

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SWBAT finish up their Linear Equation Project by focusing on critique and revision.

Big Idea

This project is shorter and more difficult than the previous one. Now, the focus is on revision and quality, and that's what we'll work toward today.

Opener: Find your partner and get started

3 minutes

Today's class is a work period dedicated to finishing up the Linear Equation Project.  I want students to dig into their work immediately, so there is no opening problem.  As students arrive, I greet them and tell them to find the partner with whom they worked yesterday, so they can continue the work of critiquing and helping to revise each other's work.

Work Time: Critiquing and Revising the Linear Equations Project

35 minutes

Most students will need a little more time developing thoughtful, helpful critiques of their partner's work.  That is the main focus of today's class.  Please take a look at yesterday's lesson for details of what I'm asking students to do today.

If I see that students are a few steps ahead, I'll help try to help them find a more challenging equation to solve.  If students are stuck, I'll give them specific areas of focus to help direct their work.

When the work of critique is done, the final step in the project is for each student to produce a revised final draft of his or her equation and justification.  For the few students who finish that as well, they can return to their review work from two classes ago.  There is also homework to complete in the textbook.

It is likely that I will spend some time at the front of the room helping students to finish filling in their properties note catchers, or examining the work of a student or two on the document camera.  Learning to engage in critique is hard work; I don't come with specific plan, but I am prepared to meet students wherever they are and to fill in gaps in their knowledge.  It will be messy, and it's important to be ok with that.  For example: here is an example of what I consider to be good things happening.  It's going to be messy, but this is evidence of a kid who is really grappling with the content and guaranteed to be learning something.

Along those lines, I am uploading a mixed array of student work on the project for your perusal.  Use this to consider what students know and to identify their growth areas.  That's exactly what I'll be doing today.

Closing Circle

5 minutes

To close today's class we circle up.  If, as we circle up, students say that they'd like to do a round of Appreciations, I allow for that.  If I'm not getting that vibe, I say that we're going to Whip Around, and everyone should share what they need (and hopefully want!) to accomplish tonight.