A Big Vocabulary Test

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SWBAT apply knowledge of vocabulary words studied thus far in the school year by taking a cumulative vocabulary test.

Big Idea

Keeping academic vocabulary in circulation.

The Big Test

40 minutes


Because I believe in keeping the vocabulary words that my students learn in as much circulation as possible as the year progresses, I design cumulative tests for them after every 50 or so words.  I select 30 of the 50 words to include on the test, but do not tell my students which 30 will be tested. That way, they must study all 50 in preparation for the test.

I likewise try to use additional vocabulary words in the creation of the sentence completions on the test.  For example, while I have not selected to use the word affluent as one of the 30 tested words, I use it in the sentence for question #9, where the correct answer is impoverished.  In this way, I am continually maintaining a classroom culture where academic vocabulary is the norm and is expected.

Students have the whole period, if necessary, to complete the test.  However, I expect most will finish 30- 40 minutes.

Continued Work On Products For Presentations

30 minutes


As my students complete the vocabulary test, I allow them to quietly transition into the projects that were started in the previous lesson, as very few groups were able to complete the task yesterday, largely due to the maximum effort I am witnessing in their project development thus far (for more thoughts on student response to this assignment, please see my reflection).  Whatever time is left in class after their vocabulary test is then devoted to continued work on these teaching products that they are designing for the four vignettes they were assigned from The House On Mango Street.  

Since my students work at different paces through a test, I allow those who finish early and who need to work on their teaching products "noisily" to work in the hallway just outside my classroom so that the classroom remains quiet for those still testing.

If the teaching products are still incomplete at the end of the period, then a plan must be made in each group to complete the project for homework (Student Sample-Product 1Student Sample-Product 2Student Sample- Product 3)