Researching Our Class Culture: Chile

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SWBAT gather relevant information about a topic.

Big Idea

A students' past influences their future.

Background Information

20 minutes

This lesson, which is a part of a series of lessons that I teach at the beginning of the year to get to know my students, will focus on Chile, since  my students share that heritage. Other lessons are available within this unit that show more cultures that we explore.

    I present my Promethean Flip Chart (see resource) that include the goal and rubric (learning progression scale). Then I access prior knowledge by giving a pre-test of facts about Chile.  I ask students to complete the KWL chart for the "What I Know" section to access prior knowledge and the "Want to Know" question to create inquiry driven instruction. Common Core standards focus on evidence from sources to answer questions.  The "Want to know" section of the KWL serves as our guiding questions. 

     As we continue exploring into the flip chart, we see video clips, images, and information.  Students use the guiding questions to retrieve relevant information to answer the questions.  They develop a purpose for watching and reading.  Common Core includes all resources: text and digital.  I like to expose my students to all media so they can experience a multi-sensory approach to learning and become engaged in the learning process. 

Researching Together

20 minutes

 I ask students to further research Chile in pairs or small groups.  Once they have gathered all the information they need, they are to create a brochure of Chile to attract tourists.  Students are to highlight the best features of Chile to persuade people to visit.  A guideline for the brochure is reviewed prior to group or pair collaboration (see resource).  Along with the brochure, students create a triorama to match the description of their brochure.  Directions are modeled and rubrics are given to guide instruction.

Reflecting on Learning

20 minutes

     At the end of the discussion about Chile, I ask students to discuss their progression on the rubric.  Students elaborate on their new knowledge.  They also discuss how effective this lesson was and make suggestions on how this lesson can improve.  I take note of all their suggestions and refer back to it for this and future lessons.  A ticket out the door reflection of this lesson usually does the trick (see resource).