Researching Our Class Culture: Pakistan

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SWBAT tell story with relevant facts.

Big Idea

Student's cultural heritage provides a wealth of prior knowledge and experiences.

My Life in Pakistan

20 minutes

This lesson, which is a part of a series of lessons that I teach at the beginning of the year to get to know my students, will focus on Pakistan, since many of my students share that heritage. Other lessons are available within this unit that show more cultures that we explore.

    This year, I have several students from Pakistan.  Therefore, I access their prior knowledge and complete a KWL chart of information that those students already know under the "K" column.  This is also an opportunity for students to discuss their heritage and bring in items to show and tell (see source). It gives ownership of this lesson to my students.  Using my Promethean Flip Chart as a guide (see resource), I ask other students to also give me their input about Pakistan.  We list these items under the "K" of KWL.  Then, I ask students "What you want to know" under the "K" section of the KWL Chart.  I remind students that we are searching for these answers as we watch a video clip about Pakistan.

     Once this is complete, i show students a video clip about Pakistan.  I ask students to discuss and present facts they learned, specifically answers to the "K" section.  Common Core encourages students to conduct short research and find answers using guiding questions.

Article Summary

20 minutes

     I enjoy modeling extracting information from articles by showing a digital article: is an excellent resource.

    I model ways to categorize articles and plotting information into categories using a graphic organizer.  My Country Graphic Organizer (see source) is divided into categories.  We begin to brainstorm together and look back at our article to categorize the article into the following categories:

  1. geographic location
  2. traditions
  3. celebrations
  4. natural resources

Project Based Learning

20 minutes

     I show students a triorama, which is a triangular shaped background to hold scenery.  We looked at photos and movie clips and other visual imagery of Pakistan.  Now, I ask students to create their own scenery from these images using the triorama we create as a background.   Common core elicits responses from students orally as well as written.  So after students create their triorama, I ask them to give an oral presentation to recall and share knowledge.

Sharing Out

20 minutes

     As students present their triorama, I ask other students to comment and ask questions.  This is the beginning of collaborative discussions.  The student presenting also has to defend answers using information from text or multimedia presentations, which is what Common Core is all about.