Putting It In Writing: Comparing Cinderella Stories

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SWBAT write a compare and contrast paragraph between to different Cinderella stories.

Big Idea

Working with familiar text gives students background information from which to pull information to use in their writing.

Revisiting Cinderella: Rereading the Texts

10 minutes

This lesson begins with a quick visit to Cinderella by Ruth Sanderson, and a review of the students' comparison charts.  I have the other Cinderella stories available for students to refer to if the information on their chart is less than complete.




Writing the Paragraph

20 minutes

After I review with students the concept of a compare and contrast paragraph and remind them they can look in their Interactive Student Notebooks for examples of topic and concluding sentences, I set them off to work.

I did create some special paper here for each story to add some "newness" to the grind of writing.  The paper is included in the resource section.

This time is set aside purely for students to work without interruption.   I put on some music and wait for them to finish.  

Time to Share

10 minutes

After most of the students have finished writing their paragraphs, I ask for volunteers to share. Doing this at this point accomplishes a couple of things for me.  1.)  Students who aren't quite done or who aren't quite sure what to do can hear some examples of topic and concluding sentences.  2.)  Sharing allows students to improve their speaking and listening skills.  3.) Sharing in a safe environment builds confidence in students in their own abilities.  

After each student shares, we give a cheer- the cheese grater cheer.  Get your cheese graters out and say, "That was GRATE! GRATE! GRATE!"