A Personal Declaration Essay, Day Two

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Students will be able to write a claim, evidence, and details on a topic of personal importance by completing an essay outline.

Big Idea

What's your stand? Personal persuasion.

Do Now: What's Your Claim?

5 minutes

Since students have already started their outlines, I ask them to share their claim statements today. I want them to hear what others are writing about to: 1. help them recognize how diverse and interesting they are and 2. help them become more comfortable sharing their significant written work. I will eventually ask them to share their whole essays with one another during peer revision and our final celebration of their work. This small step will help students adjust to the idea of others reading their essays.

A Personal Declaration

40 minutes

Students continue to work on their outlines today; I've provided two class days because research is needed for many of their topics.

I take advantage of their work day to meet individually with students, reviewing grades, discussing missing assignments, and setting up tutoring sessions. The end of our first marking period is in sight, and I would like to get stragglers caught up quickly.

By the end of the hour, outlines are piling up in the drop box, waiting for my feedback on the quality of the claim, counter-claim, evidence, and details.