Profit Maximization and 4-Column Data Tables Review

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SWBAT make connections between the profit maximization problems and the 4-column data tables to describe the general behavior of quadratic functions.

Big Idea

Using a leveled review problem set, students assess their own understanding and through problem solving make connections between different types of problems.

Leveled Review

50 minutes


10 minutes

I use today's Exit Ticket as an open-ended, formative assessment. I believe that the kinds of sentences that students write will help me get a sense of their understanding of the big ideas of working with quadratics and with maximization.

Today's closing is a great opportunity for sharing and dialogue: Review Session Exit Ticket. I plan to ask students to write their sentences, then share with a partner, then I'll ask a few students to share with the class. As students share with the whole class, I will generate a class list of big ideas by asking students to share ideas that others have not already shared.

In order to increase student accountability, I will ask my students to write a paragraph using these words for homework (or as part of another assignment). It can be hard to hold student attention in the last few minutes of class, but because this time is essential for highlighting big ideas, a successful strategy for student accountability is necessary.