Author Skype Session

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SWBAT use technology to interact with the author of Cinder, Marissa Meyer, using inquiry to modify or validate their own views.

Big Idea

Bringing the world to my students.

Warm Up

5 minutes

Today is all about the Skype session.  Our team schedule has actually been rearranged to allow all students to have language arts at the same time - during our session. We will hold class in the library with the assistance of my wonderful teamates.

To get things going, I will hand out the questioning plan with their requested questions.  I want all students to have a compete copy, so they can take notes and follow without trouble.

I will ask that those who are speaking directly to Mrs. Meyer practice their questions with those around them -speaking slowly, loud and clear.

After a few minutes it is time to begin.

Skype Session

30 minutes

After connecting with Mrs. Meyer, I will introduce her to the class and allow the first student to come up.  I require that students say hello and give their name.  The, they ask their question. They wait until she is finished answering, say, "Thank you" and return to their seat.

They next students comes up..

Please see the attached document for questions as they were created and asked by students.

When our time is up we thank Mrs. Meyer and disconnect.

Group Discussion

10 minutes

I will bring students back to the classroom for a debriefing period of ten minutes.  During this time, I will ask them to share the notes they recorded during the session. What stood out? What didn't you expect?  If you could ask more questions, what would they be?

I will walk around the room facilitating, but not intruding -this is their WOW moment. (Some are still in awe!)

Wrap Up

5 minutes

Students will share their thinking and response to the skype session.  I will also share that in our next unit we will have another author encounter, but this one will be live!