DAY 1: Reteach/Retest Parts of ELA 9 Unit 1 Assessment

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SWBAT produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, and organization are appropriate to answering an open response question through additional instruction and retaking parts of the assessment.

Big Idea

What's an alternative to less than proficiency on an assessment?


10 minutes

I realized after scoring the assessment that many of my students needed a review of basic grammar and sentence structure.  I know you're probably thinking, "9th graders learning subject and predicate?"  Yes! It was a quick review but necessary to establish prior knowledge.  

As an activator for this lesson I ask students to define what is a verb, noun, subject, predicate, parallel structure, dependent and independent clause.

For my students to meet the requirements of the common core literacy standard  W.9 10.4 which is to produce clear and coherent writing in which the development, organization, and style are appropriate to task, purpose, and audience, they need to have a basic foundation in sentence structure.

Building Knowledge

20 minutes

I review and reteach grammar- parallel structure, clauses, subject and predicate projecting notes on a word document onto a screen.  William Glasser found that when a student teaches what they know to another student they retain 90% of the learning.

After reviewing basic information I ask a student to sit at my computer in front of the class and teach what I just taught to the class by reading the notes on the word document and asking checking for understanding questions.  The student-teacher highlights in yellow the subject and predicate and gives an explanation to the class.

Next the student-teacher writes examples of a dependent or independent clause and asks students to give an answer.  I sit with the class and ask questions to model inquiry as well as redirect the student-teacher when necessary.  



(I will include a reflection narrative and/or video)


Student Learning Activity

45 minutes

To get feedback on how much the students retained and if they can apply the learning they acquired during the reteach part of this lesson, I  give them a short quiz on:

  1. Subject and Predicate
  2. Dependent and Independent Clause
  3. Parallel Structure

I give them a quiz on these parts of the grammar lesson. The grade from this quiz will be averaged into their Unit 1 assessment grade.  Next, to build a greater  understanding of analyzing text, I give them a short story “A Celebration of Grandfathers” by Rudolfo Anaya to read, annotate, and answer literary analysis questions which they use to write an open response.

I ask students to write an open response answer to the prompt, "Why does the author name the story "A Celebration of Grandfathers?"  I give them an Open Response PEE template to help organize their writing.  To help my students meet the common core standard RL.9-10.1 which requires students to cite strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says explicitly as well as inferences drawn from the text, I circulate among the students reteaching and checking for understanding while they fill in the components of the Point Evidence Explanation template.


(I will include student work and video reflection)