Intro to Independent Reading

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SWBAT: learn expectations for reading independently in our classroom, and practice with a community-building text.

Big Idea

Students learn what reading looks like in our classroom and read an engaging article to help build our community.

Guiding Question

5 minutes

I teach this lesson during the first week of school, we use work time every day in my class, and independent reading is the first thing we do during work time. By setting kids up independently reading books of their choice first, they will be able to wok on moe complex task later on. I'm building their stamina, essentially.

The Guiding Question asks them to think about what independent reading looks like to them. When we discuss it, we are beginning to establish those roles and rituals that will carry through the entire year. They generally mention that independent reading means a book of their choice, and I when I give them an article to read independently, I immediately debunk this myth.


15 minutes

For the mini-lesson, we set up expectations for independent reading/work time in the Reader's Workshop, and I record them on an anchor chart. It's important that everyone has a voice in this process.



Work Time

25 minutes

I absolutely love this article about Howard White, the vice president of the Jordan Brand at Nike. It shows the kids that we are all in this together, and that success is not innate, it's earned by forming relationships.

I have the students read the article, then we Turn and Talk about it. When we've finished, we have a quick class discussion about how the ideas presented in the article can be applied to our classroom. Some of the questions I raise are:

How can we be sure everyone's voice is heard?

What would our classroom be like if everyone took the time to say "hello"?

What are other ways we can ensure a positive classroom community?


Wrap Up

5 minutes

Students will use one of the following Reflection stems to wrap up their thinking.