Functions Unit Assessment

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SWBAT evaluate functions, define functions, and understand information about functions.

Big Idea

Now is the chance to show off what you know about functions.

Test Rationale

40 minutes

This test includes a good mix of both mastery questions and questions that test conceptual understanding.  The mastery questions are fairly straight forward.  In this narrative, I am going to discuss the conceptual questions and the rationale behind them:

Question #6: This an interesting take on a traditional question.  Students need to realize that allowing x to be three of the given choices would cause the relation to no longer be a function.  Only one of the choices (d) will make the relation a function.

Question #7: Requires students to make meaning around a function in context.  Students need to examine the inputs and outputs to find to correct series of values for the given function.

Question #13: This question asks students to build a function that could model a given situation.  

Question #14: This question will assess if students understand the domain of a function as the inputs and the range as the outputs in an abstract scenario. 

Question #21: This question requires students to build a linear function based on a given context.

Question #22: Students need to critique the reasoning of two students to determine who has written the correct function to transform the original function three units to the left.  The students also need to explain why the student they chose is correct.

Question #23: Students will need to model a scenario graphically.  Student's labels on the axes will also so whether they are understanding the relationship between the independent and dependent variable.