Reading Circle Meeting & Assessment - Cinder Book Four

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SWBAT demonstrate their understanding (though both verbal and written communication) of multiple literary elements through textual evidence.

Big Idea

The magic of talking it out...

Warm Up

5 minutes

Tomorrow we will be Skyping with Cinder author Marissa Meyer, so today, I'd like to make sure all students are on the same page as to what Skype actually is.  We've discussed the session but only in terms of questions we want to ask the Mrs. Meyer.  I'm sure some of my students may have used Skype before, but the majority have not.  So, I'll share the video below and answer any questions.



20 minutes

While we will, in addition to our reading circle discussion, be having a fabulous assessment of sorts with our conversation with Marissa Meyer tomorrow, I want to see how students fair on the same type of quiz we've used for the other three sections.  We are still early in the year… I'm still getting them to the point that I want them before I vary assessment.  I believe there is something to be said for predictability at this point in the year.

Students will take the attached quiz. Please see my previous reflection about the content of my quizzes.

Group Work

25 minutes

At this time students will have their final reading circle meeting for this book.  To add to materials for the meeting, I will distribute a Cinder Event List that should be used to fill out/correct the plot diagram as they discuss. Note this couldn't be given to them until today since they just finished the book.  This helps them get their diagrams on the same page - not exactly the same of course- but the event list helps them space out events.  Over the years I've learned that some students will fill the entire rising action with events from the first three chapters.  That why they only got this sheet a few days ago and are getting this list now.

I will remind them again about what makes or breaks a good discussion.  We have reviewed this, this year, but I know they need to hear it again, so again we'll use the acronym SLANT.

Sit up

Look at the person talking

Act like you care

Nod your head in acknowledgement

Take turns speaking


Next, I will simply remind them that they should have the text, their Reading Circle sheets and open ears. Before turning them lose to discuss, I'll instruct them to start at the top and work their way down.  

Additionally, today, I will ask students to choose one person in their group to be the Today's Meet spokes person. (See a previous lesson with Today's Meet) That person will log into the room I've created and enter information to share.  I will ask that as they meet and discuss, each group share "big ideas" from this section, a possible theme choice, and predictions for the next book in series -in that order.

I will be circulating, listening and facilitating the discussion process.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

To wrap up, I will bring the class back together and project our Today's Meet room.  We will discuss the "big ideas", themes and predictions for the next book.  

Finally, I will ask students to put their Reading Circle sheets in a the caddy to "turn them in".