Functions Practice and Assessment

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SWBAT evaluate functions and determine the domain and range of a function.

Big Idea

This lesson will use formative assessment to allow students time to practice concepts and skills based on their individual needs.

Partner Quiz

20 minutes

Students will work with a partner on this assessment.  In Question #1 students will examine the structure of a table to determine if the table represents a function (MP7).  In Questions #2 and #3 the students will be evaluating work that is already completed.  The idea here is that student's understanding will be apparent based on their explanation of the work they are examining (MP3).  In Question #4, students will find the domain and range of a function given a graph of the function.  In Question #5, students will be finding the explicit and recursive formula for a function based on a table of values.   

When students finish their partner quiz, they will bring it up for me to grade.  This gives me the opportunity to meet with every pair of students for a couple of minutes to examine their understandings and misunderstandings.  I will then assign students to work on certain questions of the practice based on their needs.  



20 minutes

I assign questions to students based on their misunderstandings on the partner quiz.  Students will continue to work with their partner on this assignment.  In order to ensure I have sufficient time to meet with each pair, I post an answer key for each of these two practice assignments. This way, as students are working on the problems that I assign them they are able to monitor their own progress.

Assignment Plan based on Partner Quiz Results

  • If students miss #1 or #2 I have them start with #1a-1d on  function_practice_after_quiz. They can then proceed to question #3.
  • If students miss #3-I have them start with #1e, f, g and h on function_practice_after_quiz.  Then they go on to question #3.  If time permits they can try questions #1a-1d.
  • If students miss the domain and range questions I have them work on functions_domain_range_practice.
  • If students got all question on the quiz correct, I ask them to try numbers 1i and 1j first and then complete the remainder of function_practice_after_quiz.
  • If students miss question #5 on the quiz I try to work with them individually.  I also keep in mind that this is a skill that will come up several other times during the course.  With that said, it is good to keep track of which students are having difficulty writing the explicit formula for a function. This way, their misunderstandings can be anticipated in future lessons.