Imagery -Lesson 3 of Cinder Book Three

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SWBAT correctly identify imagery in text.

Big Idea

Can you see it, hear it, taste it, smell it, feel it....?

Warm Up

5 minutes

Today is Trailer Tuesday, so I will show students a book trailer or two depending on length. I select trailers for new release books and great books that students aren't picking up.

There are several sites online for locating book trailers.  A quick search on you tube will locate several.  Of course, always preview the trailer before showing a class.


15 minutes

For today's lesson I will revisit my Five Guy's example from yesterday.  I'll remind them of the allusion that created a  comparison between Five Guy's and Willy Wonka.  I'll ask how many have eaten at a Five Guy's resurant before.  The number will be few to none as the clostest one to our area is almost two hours from here.  So, I will explain that I pulled a review for them to read and be the judge.  

I will display the following quote from an online review and after discussing imagery and the role of the five senses in locating imagery, I will display this segment from the review:

"The star of the show was the french fries. I've eaten a lot of fries in my life, but I had never know the full potential of these simple deep fried potato sticks until that moment. All previous knowledge of french fries up to that point meant nothing. Nothing. All future, non-Five Guys french fry-eating experiences are destined to be ruined. I don't know how to describe how perfect that first bite was, through the delicate, salt-studded, crispy crust to the soft innards..."

*Note - You can see -Five Guys Full Review here. Be aware, I pulled the quotes because the language is inappropriate in the complete review.

First, I will ask if it sounds like Five Guy's deserves the comparison to the great Willy Wonka per our allusion discussion yesterday. Then, I will ask students to identify those words and phrases that appeal to their five senses -the imagery.

Finally, I will ask students to reread/scan pages 53 and 191 and with a partner identify examples of imagery.  We will share out at tables, then whole class by table (each sharing their best) before heading into independent work.


Independent Work

30 minutes

Students will listen to the audio -picking up where we left in the last class - and follow in their books. As they do they will be very involved in the text, actively reading per the instructions on the Reading Circle sheets. 

To add to this I will also ask students to log into our Todays Meet room (introduced in the previous  lesson) for today to record examples of great imagery as they read.

I will allow the class to read until the last five minutes of class time and record their stopping point.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

Wrap up time is spent allowing students to "debrief" independently - collecting their post its and/or completing their thoughts on their Reading Circle sheets. We always discuss questions or concerns before class is dismissed.