Vocabulary Development: Teach Students to Generate Synonyms

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SWBAT generate a synonym for bolded words in a passage.

Big Idea

Support and Scaffold Comprehension of Content Specific Vocabulary


10 minutes

"Students, I noticed that most of you needed more ideas and ways  to think of a word that means nearly the same as the word that was on the list from the Naked Mole Rat Video transcript.

(Show the Worksheet #2 from yesterday on doc camera)

So today, I made a different worksheet (worksheet #3) that has all the new words I wanted you to learn bolded in the text.  Let's do a few together. Let's start by redoing the first two sentences from yesterday.  

Read the sentence to yourself, then think of another word that means just about the same as the bolded word- it should make sense in the sentence so they sentence has the same meaning."

Wait for a minute so that all students participate.  "O.K. now turn and talk with your partners about what words can go in the blank."

Listen in.  Call on students to come up and write a synonym in the blank. Continue together for the next few sentences.

Now students, I am going to ask you to return to your seats and finish this worksheet.  See how many new words you can figure out.  Write another word that means the same thing next to in on the blank.  If you are feeling that these words are a bit too hard for you- stay on the rug and I will adjust what I want you to do.

Show me a thumbs up if you understand.

Differentiation for below grade level readers

5 minutes

Hi students.  Thank you for staying on the rug.  It's important to do your best and not give up when something is hard.  But at the same time- when we read informational texts you and I have to be careful that they are not too hard.  I want you to be successful in learning to figure out new words. Here is an article on snakes you can choose to read.  I think you will enjoy it and be able to read most of the words. You may choose to read up here on the rug with a partner or go quietly back to your seat and read either this snake article or in your "just right" informational books from your book baggie.  As you are reading, write down 3 words that are new to you and you are also able to figure out what they mean.  Use the picture clues and the other words in the sentences.  OK?

Alright turn and talk with each other about what you have decided to do.  Read with a partner on the rug or read independently at your desk.

Listen in and make sure everyone has decided what to do.

If you are reading with a partner you will need to get your materials and come back up here.

Tomorrow, I will meet with you again. You will show me your book baggies and what your reading.  I will give you a guided reading book you'll also get to read.


Independent Reading

35 minutes

Ok students walk quietly to your seats and continue working on coming up with a new word based on the other words in the sentence.

Work with kids on the rug to differentiate (10 min).  

After talking with the strategy group- circulate through the classroom and see how students are doing with the task of synonym generation.

Some students will be finished.  Collect.  Tell rest to put worksheet away in homework folder and finish for homework.  Say,

"I now want you to return to your informational books and read.  Read one whole page.  Then go back and notice the hard words that your have to think about to understand.  Analyze them.  Write them down on your post it.  Write another word next to it that means almost the same thing. 

Keep doing this.  See how many words you can learn.  In 10 minutes you will share with your partner the words you are learning as well as the ideas from your book.

Partner Share

5 minutes

Ok students.  Please turn and talk with your partner about the words and ideas you are learning in your reading.

I will be listening in to parters share and ask someone to then share what their partner said.