Pattern Party

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Students will be able to make several different pattern types (AB, AAB, ABB, ABC) as they move around the room working independently.

Big Idea

Kindergartners love celebrating and sharing their pattern making success at this pattern party!

Independent Practice

60 minutes

As we complete our pattern unit, I set out four different activities around the room for the kids to work on. Before independent practice can begin, it is important to let students know that no more than six people can be at an activity. A child must make another choice if the activity they would like to do is full. I had planned on each student spending about 12-15 minutes at each activity, and set aside one hour. Children were free to float from activity to activity as long as they followed the 6 person rule. Here are the activities:

1. Bracelet making. This activity has pipe cleaners and beads. Students are instructed to choose 8 beads and create a pattern on the pipe cleaner. I sat at this activity to help wrap the bracelets onto my students as they finished.

2. Painting a pumpkin pattern. Students have watercolor paint and a plastic cup of water. They choose a pattern we have learned about to paint.

3. Magnetic patterning game. I purchased this at Lakeshore Learning. Here is what it looks like:


4. Unifix cubes. Children build patterns with unifix cubes on the carpet. It is important to explain the cubes are for pattern building only, not for playing/building other things.

The kids had a blast working on these pattern activities!