Assessing Composing and Decomposing Shapes

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SWBAT use pattern blocks to compose/decompose shapes that fill an image of a hexagon in at least three different ways and record their solutions on paper.

Big Idea

Knowledge in Action! Today you will find out if the students are understanding the idea of decomposing and composing shapes with pattern blocks.

Warm Up

5 minutes

Using the established Start At/Stop At routine the students work in pairs to rote count from a starting number to an ending number.  

Assessment: Making Hexagon Shapes

15 minutes

I gather the students on the carpet and ask them about all of the ways that we have been working to make different shapes.  I remind them of the activity where we found a different way(s) to make a trapezoid, a rhombus, and a hexagon.  I tell them that today their job will be finding as many different ways as they can to make a hexagon.  I then hand them the Hexagon Assessment Sheet and remind them to record their work on this.  Once they feel they have found all of the ways, they shoudl hand the paper to me.  The students are composing shapes to create a hexagon image and decomposing those shapes to represent the image with different shapes (CCSS.Math.Content.1.G.A.2)

**During the unit, the students have been using templates and markers to record their shapes on paper.  I will have these supplies out for them to use during this assessment.  There is a video in the resource section that demonstrates a student using the template to record their work.  

***As students finish, they should choose from the center activities that are explained in the next session.

Center Time

30 minutes

I will introduce the first two activities because they are new to the class.  The third one is linked because it was introduced in a previous lesson.

1.  Filling with More or Less:  Using the worksheet in the section resource titled Filling With More or Less, the students will use pattern blocks to fill the image with very few (less) blocks and then the same image using many blocks (more) blocks.  I will model how to do this with the whole class by covering the image with pattern blocks and then asking them how to cover again using fewer blocks. 

2.  Exploring with Geo Boards:  Students create shapes on the geo boards.  I will ask a student to use a geoboard and crete a shape on it.  I will then ask another to do the same.  This way the students are teaching their peers how to successfully create shapes with the boards.

3.  How Many Ways?:

Session Wrap Up

15 minutes

I gather the students onto the carpet and have them face the Smart Board and document camera.  I project the image of Filling With More or Less 1.  I then ask the students, How could we fill this in with as few blocks as possible?  WHo would like to start?  If a student comes up and puts two trapezoids int he middle, I would ask if there was a way of making that shape with less blocks?  I would continue to do this as we filled in the image trying to use as few blocks as possible.  I will then use the filled in image and ask the students to replicate it using more blocks.