Othello Character Charts

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SWBAT demonstrate their ability to analyze complex characters and their development in a text by creating character charts for Acts 1 and 2 of Othello.

Big Idea

How do all these people interact/connect/hassle each other?

SSR and a Change of Format

10 minutes

We'll start class with our usual 10 minutes of reading time. I will read with the students today.

Due to lab space constriction, my teaching partner and I will be splitting the class into half today. This means I will be teaching the same lesson twice, which rarely happens. I will be curious to see how this impacts the students focus.

Character Chart

10 minutes

In the interest of time, we will do this activity as a whole class discussion. I will ask the students to help me create a character chart on the main white boards in the room and will use their observations and details as the basis for discussion about the relationships and conflicts between the major and minor characters we have met so far.

This will be the a bit of scaffolding to help students to analyze the development of complex characters over the text as a whole (CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RL.9-10.3 ).

Wrap up and Next Steps

10 minutes

For our wrap up today, I will actually give them some extra reading time to get a bit of their Shakespeare reading homework done. I will let them vote on if they want to do it out loud in small groups or on their own.