Biomes - Poster Creation

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SWBAT create a poster with the facts and information they have gathered from their research.

Big Idea

Today we are creating posters that will display the information we have researched about our biome. We are integrating science and reading in this unit.


Lesson Opener

15 minutes

To begin our lesson today, I will use the Utah plants and animals cards (from the USOE website) to play a game.  Before we begin the game, we will look at each picture and talk about what the animal or plant is and which biome in Utah it can be found.  (These cards could easily be made with plants and animals from your state.)  

Once we have reviewed the plants and animal cards, I will mix them up and tape one on each student's forehead.  They will then ask yes/no questions about their plant or animal until they correctly guess which on they are.  When all of the students know which plant or animal they are, I will have the kids gather with plants and animals from their same biomes. 

Group Project - Poster Creation

30 minutes

I will give the students approximately 30 minutes to work on their group biome poster.  The poster which each group will create will be used in the group presentation as a visual representation of the research the groups have conducted on their biomes.  The biomes we have focused on for our research are the biomes found in Utah.  You could easily adapt this to lesson to research biomes found in your own home state or area.  

Lesson Closer

15 minutes

To wrap up the lesson, I will give the students time to plan out their final project.  If they are planning a diorama of their biome, they will need to bring supplies to create the diorama.  I will have the basics: paper, markers, paints, etc.  Any plant or animal representations will need to come from home.  

If the students have chosen one of the other projects (video, PowerPoint, or picture book) they will most likely have all the supplies here but they may need to talk about printing pictures to bring and use.

This is just our planning stage to make sure we are prepared tomorrow when we create our projects.