Problem Solving with Scientific Notation Part II

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SWBAT to solve problems by performing operations with numbers expressed in scientific notation.

Big Idea

Now that students have practiced basic operations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) with bare numbers expressed in scientific notation, they are ready to solve problems within a real-world context.

Warm Up

7 minutes

For today's Warm Up, I have selected two word problems that will allow students to use their newly acquired CUBES Strategy from the previous day's lesson. As students work, I move about the room redirecting students as needed toward successful solutions. I make note (on my attendance clipboard) of students who have unique approaches and ask if they are willing to share once the timer sounds. Most are willing and because I am asking them early, they have time to formalize their ideas.

When the timer sounds, I call forth my selected student volunteers to share their work with the class. I then ask for consensus or disagreement. Once the class is content with the answers, I move to the day's lesson launch.

Learning Objective and CUBES Review

2 minutes

I begin today's lesson by sharing the Learning Objective and CUBES Review with students. I explain that today, they will have the opportunity to apply the CUBES strategy to a variety of problems involving scientific notation. 

Work Time

30 minutes

For today's Work Time assignment, students will work on a series of scaffolded problems that I call Green Yellow Blue. I explain that as students finish working the green problems, I will come and verify their work and trade them for a yellow set of problems. Once students are finished with those problems, they can trade for the blue "challenge" problems. I explain that everyone must finish at least the green and yellow problem sets. The blue set, because it is the challenge set, will earn students bonus money in our class economy system. By exposing students to a variety of approaches, I will reiterate the value of multiple approaches to problem solving.


Ticket Out the Door

6 minutes

Once the Work Time timer sounds, I distribute note cards and reveal a Ticket Out the Door prompt that students will complete and turn in to me as they leave class. I selected a problem that does not include numbers in scientific notation to see what strategies students employ to solve the problem. I will scan the various approaches and discuss with students the following day.