Biomes - Project Creation

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SWBAT create a biome project in preparation for presenting the project to the class.

Big Idea

Today is biome project creation day! The different biome groups get to choose a project that they would like to create so that they can then present their biome information to the class.


Biome Projects

60 minutes

We have been working all week on an science integration unit where the students are researching and becoming the experts on Utah biomes.  Today I will give them the entire reading time, (60-75 minutes) to work on and complete their projects as well as plan out their presentation for the class.  They need to choose different speakers for different parts of their presentations and practice their presentation.  The students will become the teachers for these different biomes.  We all know that the best way to learn something is it teach it.  The students will get that experience.  This will also give them experience with speaking, listening, and working together in a group.  

Lesson Closer

15 minutes

After the creation of the projects today, I will have the students work in their groups to write 3 questions about their biome.  They must also write the answer. (So that I know they know the answer!;) )

I will use these questions for our biome assessment.  The students get to be the teachers and also write the test!

I have found that the more say the students have in the learning, the more learning takes place. The students take pride in being a part of what is happening in the class.  I have done this project in years past and the scores on the biomes tests are always higher on average than tests created by myself or someone else.  They are excited to see their own questions on the test.