Biomes - Online Research

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SWBAT research information and gather facts for their group biome project.

Big Idea

We will use online resources in the computer lab to research biomes today. We are integrating our science core with our reading.


Lesson Opener

15 minutes

For our lesson opener, I will talk to the students about animal adaptation.  To begin, I will ask them some questions about our own classroom. What would happen if our heater didn't work in the room was very very cold all the time? What changes would we have to make?  What if we had the 10 new students tomorrow? What changes would we have to make? How would our classroom be different?

We will discuss how we adapt to different situations and environments. Plants and animals are no different. We'll talk about how plants and animals adapt to different climates and environments.

Group Project - Online Research

30 minutes

For our group project, we will go into the computer lab where the students will research additional information about their biome.  I will challenge them to look for specific animal or plant adaptations within their biome.

I will let them know that they will be using their notes from yesterday's project as well as their research information from this project to make a poster as a visual representation of the facts and information they have gleaned from this research project.

They will also be creating a group project of their choice. This project to can be a video, a PowerPoint presentation, a diorama, or a picture book created by their group.

This group project will be used when teaching the class about their biome.

Of course I will be helping groups find good websites full of information about their biomes and making sure that each group is staying on task.

Lesson Closer

15 minutes

To wrap up our lesson today, I will teach the students a song that I made up about adaptation.

(Sung to the tune of "Oh My Darling")



Means making changes

That will help us to live on

When the climate's hot or chilly

Or the water is all gone.



Means making changes

Plants and animals make them too

When there are changes in the climate 

or difficult things to do.



Like the long neck

Of the African giraffe

Help the giraffe to eat the tall leaves 

in the trees, the upper half.



Like the sharp quills

Of a pokey porcupine

Help protect him from big animals

That attack him from behind.