Biomes - Let the Research Begin!

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SWBAT work together as a group to research their chosen biome and become experts so that they can present to and teach the class.

Big Idea

Today the students will start their group research for their biome projects.


Lesson Opener

15 minutes

Yesterday's lesson introduced to the students to biomes.  We learned what biomes were and what some of the major biomes around the world are. Today we're going to take a closer look at the biomes that are around us in the state of Utah. Part of the Utah state core for science is to learn about the biomes of Utah and the plants and animals found in these biomes. Of course if you are outside of Utah you will want to check out the major biomes in your state. This YouTube video will start out our discussion of Utah biomes.


Group Biome Project

30 minutes

We're going to take a closer look at Utah's biomes for the remainder of our unit. Of course all of these projects can be substituted for biomes within a different state. We're focusing on Utah's biomes because of our state core standards.

For today's project and allowing the students to select their own groups to work in.   Once they have a group of 4 to 5 students, they will get to select the biome their group would like to research.  These groups will work together for the next few days researching, studying, and presenting info about their selected biome. They will become the experts. Their job will be to teach information about their biome to the rest of the students in the class. 

The job of the groups today, is to read a book about their group's biome. They will be taking notes about the plants, animals, and facts about their groups biome.

I will let them know that they will also be creating a group project of their choice. This project to can be a video, a PowerPoint presentation, a diorama, or a picture book created by their group.

This group project will be used when teaching the class about their biome.


Lesson Closer

15 minutes

To wrap up our lesson today, each group will come up with a  "teaser," or a fun fact that will get the rest of the class interested in learning more about their groups biome.  Each group will present their "teaser" to the class.