Day 2: Unit 1 Assessment for Short Story Fiction

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SWBAT Demonstrate Understanding by Completing ELA 9 Unit 1 Assessment

Big Idea

Checking for Understanding: Unit 1 Assessment/Open Response


10 minutes

Addressing Writing Concerns

My students needed two class periods to complete this assessment.  Most of them are ready to begin their open responses but are showing signs of resistance to writing it with comments such as "Do we really have to write another open response" and I'm finished with the test."  I assure them that by not attempting to write something will be a foolish idea because that would eliminate 40 points from their score.  I ask them to share one concern they may have about writing the open response.  By talking openly about their concerns my hope is that they will get passed their mental blocks and finish the assessment.


(I will add a reflection)

Student Learning Activity

10 minutes

I hand out the District Unit 1 Assessment.  I review Part III: Selected Response.  In addition to the grammar usage and word meaning parts of the assessment, this test addresses common core standard .RL.9-10.10 which requires students to read and comprehend literature, including stories, dramas, and poems, with scaffolding as needed, e.g. scoring rubrics and graphic organizers, at the high end of the complexity range.  I review the open response prompt and encourage them to use the P.E.E. template to organize their writing.


(I will include student work, video reflection)

Wrap Up

10 minutes

Two Question Summary

I hand out a half sheet of paper and I ask students to answer the two question summary: 

1. What helped you answer the open response?

2. What was the most challenging part of the test ?


I asked that they write no more than two sentences.  I give them a half sheet of paper and the limitation on the amount they are expected to write because I know it will seem like a manageable amount of writing after finishing the test.

(I will include student sample and reflection)