More AAB Fun!

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Students will be able to extend AAB patterns.

Big Idea

Students put their fine motor skills to work creating patterns.


10 minutes

To build upon the previous introduction to AAB patterns, I have the children watch the clip from YouTube below. There is an ad to skip over ahead of time, I just pause at the starting point. At the time of 2:50, I stop the video. This stopping point lets my children view three different AB patterns.

Independent Practice

20 minutes

For independent practice, students will need scissors and glue. I have "Table Captains" in my classroom; whom are responsible for getting these items for their table. Students will complete the activity: Favorite Fruit Pies (see resources). This worksheet asks students to cut out pictures of fruit and glue them down to extend AAB patterns. I also require the children label the patterns with AAB. Here we are working on this: