GCF and LCM Quiz

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SWBAT show their knowledge of finding the GCF and LCM.

Big Idea

Students show what they know about GCF and LCM.

Administering the Quiz

5 minutes

I will seat students in rows alphabetically.  Students will be instructed to take out a sharpened pencil and clear their desks of any notebooks or paper.

I will explain to students that this quiz is based on their knowledge of finding the gcf and lcm and applying them to word problems.  Not only is it important for them to know the answer, but also to show how they arrived at their answer.

I will give students 30 minutes to finish the quiz.  If students finish early, they will be allowed to read a book.

GCF and LCM Quiz

30 minutes

Allow students 30 minutes to complete the GCF and LCM Quiz.