Finding the Elements of Fiction: Setting, Character, Point of View, and Mood

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SWBAT analyze how particular parts of a story interact by using Cornell Notes to organize their thinking.

Big Idea

Using those notes to find examples in a text.


5 minutes

To begin today's lesson, I have students take out their Cornell notes from yesterday's lecture.  I also have them open up to "Seventh Grade" by Gary Soto.  Today we're going to apply the terms covered yesterday to the story covered previously.



Getting Down to Business

35 minutes

Today, we begin a scaffolded note assignment to show students how to break down the elements of fiction and to be able to identify them individually.

I hand out the assignment and project it on my screen.  If you do not have a projector, it would be very easy to copy these sheets onto transparencies to use on an overhead projector. 

What you will notice about this Cornell Note assignment is that the questions are already on the left-hand side of the page for students to use.  Today is more about finding the elements of fiction in the story than it is about the intricacies of Cornell Notes.

 As we go through setting, point of view, and character, I challenge my students to go back to the text to find examples to support their answers.  Note that each question on the left is followed by, "How do you know?"  Taking that extra step to have students find the evidence in the text to support their answers is what aligns this lesson to the Common Core.

Did They Get It?

10 minutes

Since this lesson cannot be completed in one class period, it is wise to stop adding to the notes after these three elements.  It is crucial, however, to back through the notes at the end of the class period and highlight or underline key terms and important information.

Taking the time now, at the beginning of the unit, to learn how to take effective Cornell Notes will set your students up for success with them as the year progresses.

Since this lesson contains a lot of information and is pretty intense for the first few days of school, we will complete it tomorrow