Unit 2 Test

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SWBAT assess what they know about Unit 2: Operations with Rational numbers on Unit 2 Test.

Big Idea

Students are assessed on Unit 2.

Check HW

6 minutes

Students enter the room silently according to the Daily Entrance Routine. They are instructed to take their homework out from the previous night. Then, I provide them a sheet of paper with the worked out answers, which I completed. I instruct students to check their answers independently and try to find TWO mistakes in my work (purposely included to motivate higher level students). Mistake finders will earn an achievement point.

Students are allowed to ask their neighbors or me questions quietly during this homework check.  At the end of 6 minutes students are instructed to put everything away except for a pencil and lined paper. 

Many students seem to share the same type error this year in terms of their work. What I have noticed are mistakes with dropping negatives, minor addition/subtraction errors especially when carrying or borrowing, or mistakes within numeric expressions and misusing the order of operations. This means we spent some time during the unit with MP6 - attention to precision. 

This skill seems to be affected most in word problem with multiple step. Thus, I make sure to review #3 from the homework, ensuring that students are writing and using numeric expressions that summarize the facts in to problem to solve. This will hopefully motivate students to do the same on their unit test with the multi-step problems.


54 minutes

Two students help me distribute bubble sheets while I hand out test booklets. All students are instructed to begin working as soon as they receive a test booklet and to show all their work. They are reminded not to rush and are also advised that I have planned for time to complete unfinished tests at the beginning of class on Monday. The following are examples of the problems students will see on the test, created by Intel Assess.

Short Response Sample Question #22:

Sabrina needs to make 4 apple pies to bring to a school bake sale. The ingredients

in the recipe for one pie are listed below.

  • 1 crust
  • 4 apples
  • 1 1/3 cups sugar
  • ¾ cup flour
  • 1/3 cup butter
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon


Part A. How much of each ingredient does Sabrina need to make 4 pies? Show your work and include units where needed.


Part B: Sabrina purchased bags of flour and sugar at the grocery store. The flour bag holds 20 cups of flour and the sugar bag holds 11 ½ cups of sugar. How much of these ingredients will be left over after she makes the pies? Show your work or explain your reasoning.


Multiple choice Sample Question #14:

Howard is preparing meatballs for a party.

  • Each meatball contains 1/8 pound of ground beef and 1/16 pound of ground turkey.
  • Howard has 3 ¾ pounds of ground beef and 1 7/8 pounds of ground turkey.

How many meatballs can he make?

A.      24

B.      26

C.      30

D.      60


Data Analysis Note: when analyzing the data for this problem, consider how each multiple choice that is incorrect may shed light into the particular misunderstanding the student holds. This can be incredibly helpful when carrying out remediation, or correcting this student:

  • the students who answer incorrectly with choice A did not use the exact rational number 3 ¾ pounds of ground beef and instead used the value 3 pounds, dropping the fraction; with these students it is important to ask why they are making this mistake. Are they purposely dropping it because they feel that it is ok to round? (I have some students this year who think rounding can get you to the answer just the same) OR are they not being careful when reading the problem? The answer to this question will better guide me as the teacher to the right strategy to give my students.
  • the student who chose answer B converted the mixed number 3 ¾ incorrectly, making it 13/4; MP6 could be emphasized by encouraging checking the arithmetic by converting their improper fraction into a mixed number to see if they get the same one as in the original problem. 
  • the student who chose D mixed up his facts, diving the total amount of ground beef by the amount of turkey per meatball. With this student MP6 should be emphasized, perhaps by using an annotating strategy to highlight important information in a word problem.