AB Pattern Practice

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Students will be able to create and extend AB patterns using pictures and paint.

Big Idea

Children show their artistic side while creating patterns.


15 minutes

To build upon the previous introduction to AB patterns, I have the children watch Learning AB Patterns: What's Next. There is an ad to skip over ahead of time, I just pause at the starting point. At the time of 2:22, I stop the video. This stopping point lets my children view two different AB patterns.


After the video clip, I tell the children we are going to build our own AB pattern. I line the children up and put them in a boy, girl, boy, girl pattern. We discuss that the boys are A and the girls are B. I then break the kids apart and ask them to re-create the pattern without my help. The kids did awesome!

Independent Practice

30 minutes

I break up the class into two sections for independent practice. I have 25 students so, my groups were 12 & 13.

My set of 12 students began work on extending AB patterns. They are asked to draw the picture to complete the pattern. I remind them that it is okay if they cannot necessarily draw the pictures perfectly. Otherwise some children get hung up on the drawing and not the creation of a pattern. Here is an example of this assignment completed by a student:

Meanwhile, the other 13 students are painting an AB witch pattern. I picked witches due to Halloween approaching. The students use watercolor paint, and each have a small plastic cup of water. When they are done painting, these go into my drying rack. Here is a pattern that one of my students completed: yellow, black, yellow, black...

Once students are complete with one of the above assignments, I switch them. For example, a child who was extending the AB pattern would go paint an AB pattern. I found each child spent approximately 15 minutes at each assignment, for a total of 30 minutes. These assignments are in the resources.