ABB Pattern Time

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Students will be able to describe an ABB pattern.

Big Idea

With a clap, snap, snap, children explore a new pattern.


15 minutes

I gather the students on the carpet and tell them I have a special pattern for them to listen to. I clap, and then snap my fingers twice. So the pattern is clap, snap, snap, clap, snap, snap. I do this for about one minute as the children listen. I ask the class to identify my pattern, and many are able to tell me it is an ABB pattern.


I then use unifix cubes to model ABB patterns. As I am modeling, I ask my students to assist me. I build 4-5 different ABB patterns with the class using the unifix cubes.


Independent Practice

15 minutes

Once I feel the class has a handle on what an ABB pattern is; I send them to their seats to build their own ABB patterns using the unifix cubes. Here we are practicing:


Students must put their thumb up in the air to indicate they have built an ABB pattern for me to view. If students are able to create the pattern, I will then ask them to color an ABB pattern they have created (see resources). Here is an example of what this looks like: