Quiz Day

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SWBAT show what they know about integer operations (+,–, ×, ÷) on Vocab Quiz #2.

Big Idea

Homework is checked in preparation for the quiz and then students work until the end of class.

Check HW

10 minutes

Students review their homework with partners. I select 3 – 4 students to copy their correct work on the board for the problems on the homework. Other students can ask questions during this time. The HW problems included 8 substitution questions including absolute value and a three part questions about analyzing information in a table to answer questions about increase, decrease, and comparing integers (see attached sample of student work).

I make sure to review the first 4 problems in the HW out loud with students, using a sticky note to remind them about substituting for negative values, such as #29, –x – 3 when x = –7. Students often miss these types of problems because they mistake the negative outside of the variable as the same negative attached to the 7 for x. The proper substitution in this example would say:

– x – 3 = – ( – 7 ) – 3

           = +7 – 3

           = 4

Using a sticky note to represent the variable on one side and its equivalent value on the other helps students visualize the operation. I also remind student that when they are answering questions within word problems like #31 in the HW, they should always draw the number line to ensure the correct direction and operations to be performed in these types of questions.

After 5 minutes, all answers are reviewed on the board and students are allowed to ask any other questions before they take their quiz. 


30 minutes

Students transition silently. Quizzes are are placed on their desks and they are to begin as soon as possible. Students are allowed to spread out and sit at empty tables. They must return their quizzes as soon as they are finished. Once they turn in their quizzes, they may work on their homework for the weekend. They must write a paragraph with 5 sentences or more about what they've learned this week using about the following prompts:

  • one thing I learned this week ...
  • one thing I am still confused about ...
  • I realized I was making the same mistake when ... and I fixed it by ....
  • I knew I struggled with .... so I studied by ...