Assessment for Sweet Similar Shapes

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SWBAT to show their understanding of similarity by proving the Pythagorean Theorem using similar triangles and applying their knowledge of similarity to real-world problems

Big Idea

Students will be assessed on their knowledge of similarity on a test or problem set.

Do Now

20 minutes

Usually the day of a major exam like this, I provide students with an opportunity to review their Practice Test and also their notes in lieu of a formal Do Now.  This allows the class a quiet few minutes before we begin our final review, and I find gives me a chance to check in with students (especially those who may leave the room to take the test in an alternate location per their IEP). 


Review of Practice Test

10 minutes

Assessment for Unit on Similar Shapes

60 minutes

In this Unit Test,students have an opportunity to show their knowledge of similar shapes.  The beginning of the test features multiple choice questions while the ending focuses on open response questions, many which require students to persevere through challenging questions (MP 1) and other questions which require use of tools like a compass (MP 5). 

Please note that the last question in the test is a "take home" question.  This question asks students to prove the Pythagorean Theorem using similar triangles.  I typically would ask students to sign an Honor Code Letter that verifies that they have not used any outside resources to complete this take home question.  Depending on your population of students,  you may want to give students an opportunity to try this "take home" question as part of the exam.  Another alternative would be to make this entire exam a problem set which could be worked on in-class with the use of notes.