Review Day for Sweet Similar Shapes

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SWBAT apply their knowledge of similar figures to solve real-world problems and will review how similarity relates to ratios, proportions, and transformations

Big Idea

Students will use the SMART Clickers to review key topics for this unit like, identifying similar shapes, and then complete a practice test.

Do Now

10 minutes

This Do Now provides students with an opportunity to review how to find sides of a triangle given two similar triangles.  Students will then also need to apply their knowledge of perimeter to find the perimeter of the second triangle. 

This do now is much easier to complete if students draw a diagram of the two similar figures.  I would suggest that you provide students with this hint, if needed. 

Applied Problem Practice

20 minutes

These practice questions provide students with an opportunity to persevere through challenging problems (MP 1).  Students can first work in pairs or small groups to complete these and then can analyze each other's work by viewing an example of a classmate's work (MP 3). 

These application questions can also be scaffolded by having the whole class first read the question.  Then, you can give students 1-2 minutes to think about their first step, and then have a student share this out with the class.  I find that this allows students to get started and moving in the right direction, and often, allows students to move ahead without the need for direct instruction. Another strategy for for reading problems is the 3 read strategy from Grace Kelemanik and Toby Caplin.  You can read more about this here.

Smart Clickers Review

35 minutes

Practice Test and Exit Ticket

20 minutes