Fun with Fruit

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Children will be able to use their number sense to recognize and count groups of fruit.

Big Idea

Students have fun counting, singing number chants, drawing, and forming numbers in this fruity lesson!


10 minutes

To see this part of the lesson unfold, watchClassroom Video: Connection to Prior Knowledge

My class has been working on recognizing, counting, and writing numbers 0-10. I decided this was a good time to review these concepts. To kick off the lesson, I play a fruit counting video from YouTube. I like this video because it is very repetitive, which I believe Kindergartners need. The video is a great way to transition into the math lesson for today, and prepare students for what is to come. The class enjoys the video and counts along.

Independent Practice

15 minutes

To see this part of the lesson unfold, watch:Classroom Video: Routines and Procedures and Classroom Video: Checks for Understanding

Before independent practice begins I refer back to number chants that we use (see resources) to support my students with numeral formation. Number chants are short little poems that help teach my students how to form numbers correctly. As we recite the chants, students write the numbers in the air with their fingers.  Sky writing is a research-proven technique that develops muscle memory.

At this point, I give my students instructions for independent practice. On each table in the classroom, there will be a "fruit basket". The "fruit basket" is a set of 4 plastic bins I have for storage in my classroom. In the baskets, I have placed 2 bananas, 5 apples, and 6 oranges. I have chosen this amount of fruit for each basket based on numbers that I know my students are struggling to form/write correctly.

The students choose one type of fruit (bananas, apples, or oranges) and count how many. They will record their answers onto the given paper (see resources). On this paper, students will draw how many fruit they counted (for example, draw 5 apples). Students will then write the numeral 5, and attempt to stretch out the word "five". Students only complete this assignment for one set of fruit.


15 minutes

To see this part of the lesson unfold, watchClassroom Video: Intervention and Extension

As students complete independent practice, I give them a fun color the fruit by number page. The numbers the children must recognize on this page are 1-9. This assignment is a good extension for students that finish independent practice quickly. This also allows me to devote more time to students who are struggling with the independent practice.The students enjoy this task, and I get to squeeze in some more number recognition!