More Discovering Similar Triangles

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SWBAT determine if shapes are similar based on discovery activity.

Big Idea

Students will finish discovering key properties of similar triangles and will practice identifying if two shapes are similar.

Do Now

10 minutes

Finish Exploration and De-Brief

30 minutes

Students may need time to finish the Similar Triangle Exploration from the Discovering Similar Triangles lesson.  This would be a great time to give students time to do this and also monitor student understanding of the activity.

If some groups of students are done early, you may want to ask groups to prepare to share their open response questions.  This can then act as a student-led debrief and will allow students an opportunity to view and analyze each others' work (MP 3).

Key Definitions

20 minutes

Activity/Homework and Exit Ticket

20 minutes

The Activity-Homework provides students with an opportunity to practice determining if triangles and shapes are similar as well as practicing finding the scale factor for similar shapes. 

In the Exit Ticket students will be required to write a similarly statement.  Depending on the time left in this lesson, you can review this problem; I have found that many students just write the triangles as similar and do not match up the proportional sides (or congruent angles).