Review of 3 Triangle Topics and Assessment

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Students will review mid-segments, medians, centroids and Pythagorean Theorem in this lesson and then be assessed on their knowledge of these topics.

Big Idea

Students will complete a Jigsaw review of mid-segments, medians, centroids and Pythagorean Theorem then will take a big quiz on these topics.

Jigsaw Review

30 minutes

This review is broken up into pieces, hence the name jigsaw.  By asking students to complete one question at a time, students are almost forced to focus on one task and review each of the 3 triangle topics for this unit.  You can place the Teacher Notes at each station and provide students with their own Student Notes.  Then, students can rotate to each station, and work on the specific task at hand with their partner or group. 

See this Video for more detailed information about this specific jigsaw activity.

Big Quiz

45 minutes

After reviewing these topics with the jigsaw activity, students will take a summative assessment on these topics.  In the Big Quiz on the 3 triangle topics, students will be asked to solve questions and prove key properties relating to mid-segments in triangles, Pythagorean Theorem and also medians (and centroids) in triangles.  These questions will require students to persevere through challenging real-world topics (MP 1) and will model with mathematics real-world situations, like shadow problems (MP 4). 

You can give students to rest of the class to complete this quiz, and a possible homework question, could be to work on challenge questions, on this website, from the previous lesson on Pythagorean Theorem, Re-Calling Pythagoras.