Re-Calling Pythagoras' Theorem

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SWBAT apply Pythagorean Theorem to real-world problems involving right triangles.

Big Idea

Students will persevere in challenging questions that require use of the Pythagorean Theorem.

Do Now

10 minutes

In this Do Now, students will have an opportunity to review finding the length of a line segment and also finding the midpoint of this segment.  These two topics are skill based practice and require students to remember the distance and midpoint formulas.  Also, the distance formula uses similar algebra skills, like squares and square roots, which may help students see patterns between we first derived the distance formula (MP 8). 

Know Your Students: Either Review or Applied Problems

30 minutes

Computer Lab Practice

20 minutes

This section of the lesson really allows you to differentiate instruction to students' abilities.  Some students may be able to handle more challenging problems that are based on SAT-like questions, and while in the computer lab, these students can practice these complex questions  while looking for repeated reasoning(MP 1 and 8).   Students who may be struggling with Pythagorean Theorem can also complete these more straight-forward questions and receive feedback on their work. 

You can also assign these extra online problems for practice and/or homework.

Activity and Exit Ticket

20 minutes