Outline and Thesis Writing Day 2 of 2

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SWBAT clearly establish the precise claim of their argumentative paper by refining a specific thesis statement.

Big Idea

Once the outline is mapped out, the thesis clarifies the destination and removes all doubt.

Intro and Welcome: It's Chocolate Cupcake Day!

3 minutes

We open class today with a welcome to "Chocolate Cupcake Day," our second day working in a computer lab on crafting thesis statements and outlines. As always, Daily Holidays are observed to foster a sense of community, collaboration, and open communication in the classroom.

Lab Work: Refining an Outline

45 minutes

As with yesterday's visit to the computer lab, students work on transferring their information from note cards to an outline, and crafting their thesis statements.

As students organize their information into their outlines and craft their thesis statements, I circulate the room to both calm nerves and answer any questions I can about how to format (or change the auto-format settings) of their outlines. The objective today is to finish the transfer the information from their info cards to an outline and craft a thesis that supplies evidence for the students claims (W.9-10.1b) in a manner that establishes clear organization among their claims and evidence (W.9-10.1a).

As I circulate the room, and as needed, I stress to students that the focus here is process, not product (yet); students should be wrapping up their organization and wording the thesis to clearly establish their claims.

I chose to provide students with this second day in the computer lab to allow for both me to be able to conference individually with students about their outlines, and for them to do any additional research that may be needed. Three strong samples of student outlines that resulted from our computer lab time today are included here (Persuasive Paper Three Correct Outlines).

Two Minute Warning: Wrap-Up and Reminders

2 minutes

With two minutes remaining in class, I ask for their full attention and remind students to save what they're working on and log off of the computers, as well as picking up any trash left behind and pushing in their chairs--all part of community-building. I also remind students that we will be back in the classroom next time, and while they may finish outlines if they were not turned in by the end of class, detailed feedback might not be given for them to be of use in drafting the paper.