GCF and LCM Project Gallery Walk

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SWBAT further their understanding of finding the GCF and LCM.

Big Idea

Students critique others' projects.

Gallery Walk Procedure

25 minutes

GCF and LCM group projects (see GCF and LCM Project, Day 1 and Day 2) will be posted around the classroom.  I will instruct students to stand in front of their projects with a notebook and pencil.  They will have about 5 minutes to review the work for accuracy and find the GCF and LCM of each project.  Group members may discuss the work and answers with their group only.  I will post the following directions on the board to remind students.

At each project, you will:

1.  Discuss and check the work with your group only

2.  Make a note of any errors or confusion about the work

3.  Find the GCF and LCM 

After about 5 minutes, I will announce to the class to rotate clockwise to the next project and begin the process again. Students will continue to rotate until they reach their own project and then we will be seated to discuss the gallery walk.

As groups rotate, I will monitor students to make sure they stay on task and answer any questions.

The gallery walk is an opportunity for students to clarify any confusion on the steps for finding the GCF and LCM.   It is also an opportunity to see different examples and strategies that other groups used.

Gallery Walk Review

10 minutes

We will go through each project as a class.  I will randomly select students to give their feedback and share their answers for each project.  If there is any disagreement on answers, we will discuss and try to narrow down where the error has been made.

Exit Slip

5 minutes

Students will receive an index card. They will complete a 3-2-1 exit slip focusing on the topics of GCF and LCM and respond to the below prompts.

3 words I think are most important to this topic

2 connections I can make to this topic and the real world

1 thing I'm having difficulty with

Students will hand in the cards before leaving class.  These cards are used as an assessment for me to gauge students' understanding of the topic up to this point.