Review Stations

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Students will be able to determine and evaluate claim and evidence by practicing on review passages.

Big Idea

What's your weakest target? Review by station.

Do Now: Weakest Target?

5 minutes

I ask students to begin today by reviewing their formative assessments to determine their weakest target. They will focus their review efforts on this target.

Biweekly Work Habits and Learning Reflection

10 minutes

This classroom routine is discussed in this lesson. Students continue to give thoughtful responses which are useful for their continuing practice and my lesson planning.

Review Stations

30 minutes

Having identified where they should most focus their review efforts, students are now ready to move into stations.

I explain that I have posted three passages which were used on tests in the past, along with the questions for both standards featured on the test, on the class website. Students are to read and analyze or evaluate as needed.

To better help me serve their needs, they will move to a "review station" in the room. One set of tables is strictly for students wanting to practice determining and analyzing claim and evidence. Another set of tables is for evaluation only. The third set is for students who are behind and need to finish their formative assessments. As I point out, not one of them would go out on an athletic field for a game without sufficient practice; they will not take the test without sufficient practice, either. Students must complete their formative practice before taking the test.

I ask student to move to the station they need. A few students who should be at the make-up station are not; I pull them aside and remind them of what assignments they owe. Once everyone is settled in the appropriate station, I meander to check work and address questions.

At the end of the hour, I ask for thumbs to show test readiness--thumbs up means practices are done and confidence is good, thumbs middle means there is more work to be done, and thumbs down means not ready at all. Most thumbs are up; those still down are still working on late assignments. I plan to email these students to set up tutor times; it will be up to them to follow through.