Group Workshop: Narrative Poems

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SWBAT work in groups to "unpack" narrative poems by looking for information about narrator, story, and structure.

Big Idea

Students working together to practice with new ideas makes higher level assignments more "doable."

Working in Groups

45 minutes

Today was, essentially, a workshop day.  

The students were given the assignment to work in groups to create a PowerPoint and a performance for their assigned poem.  I formed the groups by assigning letters to each of the students (A-F) and then adjusting the groups, as needed.  I did try to put a "leader" -- or at least one extrovert -- in each group, and I encouraged them to split up the work. HOWEVER, I did tell them that were not allowed to abdicate responsibility over anything in their presentation (No saying "I told them it was wrong and they did it anyway.")

The students read their poems together, assigned group members to certain specialty areas (narrator/structure/story) and hammered out ideas for the presentations.  The specialty areas are our three focus areas for narrative poetry; the students have been using this three-part approach since  looking at "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere," so they know what to look for.  By leaving the division of labor up to them, the students can take ownership of the task and can also capitalize on their strengths.

By the end of class, the students were ready to perform and present.