Shadows 5

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SWBAT make shadows from a light source and an object

Big Idea

Shadows are all around us and students will see that in this expository text through photographs of real objects and people.

Prepare the Learner

15 minutes

Watch video on shadow shapes with hands: 

This is a great video that prepares the kids to make shadows with their hands.  I like this video because she shows how to make basic shadows with your hands with simple 2-3 step instructions.  It is a quick video with music that engages the kids and encourages them to participate. 

I connect it to our reading by asking the students how many lamps she has to make shadows with.  We then count how many shadows she can make on her surface.  We then verify  and confirm that in Shadows!



Interact with text/concept

30 minutes

Give each pair of students or groups of 3 a flashlight and a surface to work with.  I have had students spread out around the room and use the walls, white board or even given small student white boards.  Let students explore with the flashlight and their hands.  They can practice making the shadows large and small.  I will also give them objects to make shadows with.  I make shadow puppets by cutting shapes from tag board and mounting them on a stick for students to hold in front of the light.  I also use classroom objects like pencils, books and paper clips.  The kids love to make shadows from anything! 

Encourage kids to have collaborative conversations and talk about the shadows they make.  We talk about how we can make shadows large and small.  

While students are working in groups, I am monitoring and assisting where necessary.  I meet with each group and help prompt or enhance conversations, depending on the group.   I use talk moves like: Can you tell me more about your shadow?  What was your favorite shadow to make? Why?  My favorite shadow to make was ___ because___.   


Extend Understanding

20 minutes

Review the circle map from yesterday and add more ideas to it.  Students will write again in their journal “We see the ___ and the shadow.”  They will need to read off of the map to complete their sentence.

As students are writing, I am assisting and monitoring where necessary.  The circle map is in view for the students to write off of.  Kids that come up with ideas as they are writing.  If that happens, I simply add their idea to the map, calling the class’ attention to it as I do.  This encourages the kids to think while they are writing.  We also talk about how our best ideas can come to us WHILE we are writing!

As my students finish their writing, they raise their hands to read it to me.  I go to each student and they must read to me what they wrote, using their reading finger to show one to one correspondence as they read.  If students need help with words or punctuation, I coach them through.  This is how I conduct my writing conferences with my students and give them 1:1 attention with writing on a daily basis!

This is also a great formative assessment.  It gives me a daily glimpse of who is gaining and/or struggling with what skills!