Constructions Unit Assessment

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Students will be able to perform a variety of constructions, such as copying a segment and angle, bisecting segments and angles, and constructing parallel and perpendicular lines.

Big Idea

Students will solve several constructions problems that require them to integrate several foundational constructions.

Constructions Unit Assessment

90 minutes

My Constructions Unit Test features a variety of question types: true/false, solving, constructions, and proof.  

In Problem #3, I want students to focus on using precise academic and geometric vocabulary to explain how to perform the construction for the altitude of a triangle.  

Problem #5 offers students multiple entry points. I expect my students to use a variety of methods to construct the line parallel to the given line through the point, but they must attend to precision with the markings they use in their diagrams (MP5, MP6).  

Lastly, Problem #8 requires students to perform a variety of constructions in order to solve the problem; this problem allows students to be creative in their approach and to use their problem solving skills to devise a method to construct a trapezoid given several requirements.