C is for Chrysanthemum and Cookie!

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SWBAT use correct letter formation for the letter Cc and create a letter art for the letter Cc.

Big Idea

What's your name? Each of us has a name and our names make us special.

Prepare the Learner

15 minutes

Review the letter Cc. Remind students that Chrysanthemum starts with the letter C. 


We watch this video to review the sound and letter formation for letter Cc.


Multi-Media in Common Core

We see multi media addressed throughout Common Core.  As our students get older and we prepare them for college and career, it will be important for them to be comfortable with different forms of media.  We also want them to be able to listen for information and be actively engaged through media.  Presenting the story through video meets all of those needs!


Interact with text/concept

30 minutes

Letter Formation Practice


Students will practice letter formation and locating pictures that begin with the letter Cc.  I do letter formation whole group on a document camera.  I first model the formation for the students while they watch.

I say: For the letter C, I start at the top, just a bit under the top line.  I go up to the top line with my pencil, out and around and stop at the bottom line.  Watch me make a C again.  Where do we start? (top ) Now I got up to the top line and touch it.  Down and around and sit the letter on the bottom line.  As I am giving these directions, I making the letter on the document camera as students watch.


I give a non example: Boys and girls, don't do this.  Try not to go straight down like a number 1. I make a number 1 on the line.  Your C needs to look like a C and not a number 1.   

I say: Now you try.  Trace line 1 and I am going to come around and watch. 


I follow the same pattern of instruction with the lower case c. 


We then find the pictures that start with the sound of C and color or circle them.  

Extending Understanding

30 minutes

Letter Art

Students remain in their desks and I call their attention to the document camera.  I show them a paper with the  letter C on it.


I say: What letter do you see on my paper? (C)  I then put a brown piece of construction paper on the document camera and draw circles on it with my pencil.  I ask: What shape am I drawing on my brown paper?  (circles)  Now I am going to put black dots in the middle. (I put black dots to represent chocolate chips in each circle) 


I continue: What did I just turn my circles into? (cookies)


I cut out each of my cookies and glue them onto the shape of the letter C.  I say: Now you are going to make a 'cookie C.'   First you need to draw as many circles on your brown paper as you can fit, just like I did.  Then turn them into chocolate chip cookies by making smaller brown or black dots in your circles.  Cut them out and glue them on your C.  Just like I just did.  Any questions?


As students are on their cookie, I monitor and assist where necessary.


Here is another cute letter art idea with cotton!