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SWBAT demonstrate understanding of analyzing and interpreting functions by successfully completing day one of a two-day unit assessment.

Big Idea

Help students feel less overwhelmed by a large unit by using a practice exam and self-assessment.

Set the Stage

5 minutes

Today's lesson looks like a traditional assessment, but students don't just answer the questions, they use a marking system to select which problems they know, which they sort of know and which they don't get.  I distribute the Marking System for Self Assessment handout and give them time to review the directions, then check for understanding with fist-to-five. 


Put It Into Action

40 minutes

I explain in greater detail why I use a self-assessment in my video. I distribute the Self Assessment, again reminding my students to mark each problem as they work through the test with the color coding they've chosen. I ask if there are any questions and tell them they have until the last 10 minutes of the period to work. (MP1, MP2) When everyone is done or after about 35 minutes I go over the answers to the assessment while my students check their work.  This gives them a chance to see how well they actually understand the material as opposed to how well they think they know it! 

Wrap It Up

5 minutes

I close this lesson by having my students review their marks to see which material they still need to study.  This gives them a clearer picture of their strengths and areas that need work than just asking them and also helps create an atmosphere of student responsibility.  For students who need more direction I suggest that they begin by looking at all the problems they thought they knew and tally up how many they actually got right, then do the same thing with the problems they weren't sure of and so on.  Students are sometimes surprised to find out that they either don't know the material as well as they thought, or actually understand it better than they thought.  There are always a few whose predictions match their actual results pretty well, but I remind all my students that the focus is not on how well they can predict their results, but on which sections they need to study more for the exam.  I finish by telling them they can take this assessment home as an additional study guide for the exam tomorrow.  I don't use this directly as a grade, but instead make note of student effort during the activities and use that for a "participation/effort" grade