Subject or Object?

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SWBAT identify subject and object pronouns.

Big Idea

Students work to break down sentences and identify the type of pronouns used.

Advanced Organizer

10 minutes

All these types pronouns can be confusing! I will begin by reviewing yesterday's lesson on relative pronouns. 

I will have the students pick up the handout relative pronouns and work quietly to review the concept from yesterday.  I will give the students 10 minutes to complete the handout.  I will split the handout and have one shoulder partner do the odd numbers and the other shoulder partner do the even numbers.  This will break the handout up, give them a decent review, and allow them to use their partners. 

Once they have finished, I will have them check their answers with the displayed one on the board.  I will even had each student a marker and assign them a number to do on the board.  This will get the students up and moving and allow them to validate their work. 



15 minutes

To help students understand pronouns and their use, I am going to introduce subject and object pronouns.  Once students understand what a pronoun is, learning how to identify it and what to identify by seems to be the next logical step. 

First, pass out the Subject and Object guided notes and display Pronouns power point slide on subject and object pronouns.  I will have the students work to complete the notes page.  I like the to provide guided notes for the students to use as it allows them to practice taking notes but doesn't cause them to lose focus on what I am saying. 

I will discuss and model how I determine if the pronoun is subject or object.  It is important to review subject and predicate with the students at this time.  If the students can split the sentence into subject and predicate, finding and identifying the pronoun will be much easier. 


25 minutes

To have the students practice subject and object pronouns, I will pass out Subject and Object Practice  and Subject and Object the handout and have the students work to complete it with their shoulder partner.  As they complete each one, they will need to bring it up to me for me to check.  If they get it correct, they earn a point.  I will set the timer for 10 minutes and allow them to work through the answers. 

Next, to really have the students practice using pronouns, I will ask them to do a quick write.  I will ask the students to pick a memorable moment or personal experience and try to write about it, without using pronouns.  This will force the students to struggle, realizing the importance of pronouns. 

To really make the activity fun, I will ask a few students to read their paragraphs aloud.  This will engage all the students. 


7 minutes

To review the concepts taught today and to assess my students' learning, I will have them complete a Closure Slips.  I can use the information to create future lessons or assess their learning from today. 

I have a feeling the students will struggle with this closure slip, just because I feel they may struggle with the concept.   I plan on encouraging the students to use their notes when answering the questions-to hopefully help them answer the question.