Fast Pass: Fluency and Accuracy Practice Game

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SWBAT practice rereading to make sure they are reading accurately while also trying to read fluently.

Big Idea

Sometimes the best way to practice is by playing a game. This is a fun game that is played with a small group of students.

The Rules:

5 minutes

For this game you will need a book that can be read by everyone in the group. You will also need a stopwatch. Students will need to sit in a circle or around a table. 

The rules start with everyone having to read one page from the book. The trick is to read each page with expression, accurately, and with some speed. I explain that the speed to read is comfortable where everyone can understand, but not too slow. I modeled both too slow and too fast. We talked about their being a "just right." 

A student will read their page, if they think that what they read doesn't sound right. They have to reread and make it right.  Once they read their page they pass the book. The next student reads and then passes. I then explain that I am going to start the time when the first student starts to read. The time runs until the book is finished or once everyone has had a chance to read. 

Playing the Game:

10 minutes

This is the fun part. We play the game. I join the game and am the first to read. I am going to model the right pace and what to do if you read something wrong. I reread so they can see me go back and fix it. 


Why Do We Reread:

5 minutes

After we have played the game a couple of times, we will have a discussion. We talk about why we go back to reread. What makes it important and how we can use it are good questions to ask. I then ask them to practice rereading for me in their individual books. We also talk about the pace and why the speed is important.