Setting -Lesson 2 of Cinder Book One

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SWBAT use textual evidence to identify the layers of detail in the setting of a longer text.

Big Idea

Timing is everything, but never underestimate the importance of location, location, location.

Warm Up

5 minutes

After students get their daily information from the agenda, they will take the following warm up Edmodo quiz:

1.  What point of view is Cinder written in?



2.  Who is telling the story "Cinder"?

Adri, Cinder's Stepmother
An unnamed outside narrator
Prince Kai


3. Which of the following correctly identifies the setting of Cinder?

New Beijing, China, Present day
Sometime in the future, China
New Beijing, Eastern Commonwealth, over 100 years in the future
Commonwealth of Kentucky, in the future
4. Setting includes which of the following?
Time and Place
At this level and considering that we have already reviewed point of view and setting (including questions on their Reading Circle sheet), these should be simple to answer and build on what we will discuss today.


10 minutes

As with yesterday's lesson and everyday when students get reading time, today's lesson is very short as I want students to have reading time, and frankly they are chomping at the bit to get on with the book. I want to discuss setting and the importance of looking at it in terms of layers. I will start the discussion by asking what they recorded yesterday about setting. If a student tells me a detail, I respond with..."what page did you find that on? Often times they do not know because they did not record their information as textual evidence.  So, I show them my book, which is a mess with post its.  Then, I put up a snap shot of a page in my book where I had marked evidence of setting, and we discuss this method.

In the attached video I explain that process with an example.

After we look at evidence from chapter one, I put up the map located on Marissa Meyer's website, and we discuss the details of Cinders world.  I consider this a bit of front loading because now my students will be more aware and (hopefully) observant of setting details and how they are layered.

Finally, I ask them to focus on how this setting affects the characters and what they do or do not do as they read so they will be prepared to discuss that in a meeting later.  

Independent Work

35 minutes

Students will listen to the audio -picking up where we left in the last class - and follow in their books. As they do they will be very involved in the text, actively reading per the instructions on the Reading Circle sheets.

I will allow the class to read until the last five minutes of class time and record their stopping point.

Wrap Up

5 minutes

Wrap up time is spent allowing students to "debrief" independently - collecting their post its and/or completing their thoughts on their Reading Circle sheets. We always discuss questions or concerns before class is dismissed.